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One of the challenges of unit living is incorporating greenery into your living spaces. For those with limited space and the absence of large backyards to work with, bringing in selected indoor plants can have a dramatic uplifting effect. They can bring both a vivid splash of colour and life to key living areas. The […]


Recycling tips for Homes Big and Small

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Keeping Australia Clean… or Not? If you stop to think about it, would you think Australians are mass-waste producers? For a seemingly clean and beautiful country, would it surprise you that our waste production is up there with the biggest in the world? ABCs program The War on Waste deems that Aussies are in fact the 5th highest […]



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Worms Farms or Portable Compost Units – the Choice is Yours… The absence of a backyard does not need to mean the end for effective waste reduction strategies in your home. Sure, the abundance of exterior turf, soil and garden space sure does make the job easier. The proximity of your neighbours in unit living is […]


Over the years, I have been a property owner and tenant, often at the same time. Through this experience I have worked with some great property managers, and the not-so-great. I am pleased to recommend Liz Sargood as one of the exceptional. I would not be exaggerating when I describe her work as professional, personal, and responsive – someone that always acts with integrity, and has great attention to detail

Gary Journeaux

As property manager for many of my Sydney investors, Liz provides excellent service and outcomes. Liz is responsive, knows her work and goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist my clients with their investment properties. In providing such a reliable service, Liz allows me to relax and focus on my core business.

Ramon Cura

I have rented a property from Liz for 3 years now whilst I was getting to know Sydney, and I have never known an agent that acts with such professionalism, speed in addressing issues and expert advice. I only wish that my properties were in Sydney rather than London for her to manage them. I guess I just need to buy some more. Thanks Liz for making doing business easy. I would recommend you any time to my contacts.

Rebekah Dunsford