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the need for landlords insurance

Why Landlords Insurance is a Must

Published in: Investing,Property Management,Rentals

As a landlord, there are several boxes you need to tick to ensure you are meeting your obligations including understanding your state or territory laws, tenancy applications, smoke alarms and pool safety and home insurance to name a few. Sitting right at the top of this list is ensuring you are adequately covered with sufficient landlords insurance. Landlords […]

colors-containers-contemporary-1571174 (1)

How to Compete in a Changing Rental Market

Published in: Maintenance,Property Management,Rentals

In a changing rental market clearly favouring tenants, how do you ensure your investment property remains desirable to potential tenants? Or if a landlord, how to ensure your tenants are happy and stay put within the property? There is one thing for certain, in this changing property market, tenants tend to have more of an […]


What is My Rental Property Worth?

Published in: Investing,Rentals

As a savvy investor, this should be a question you are asking yourself on a regular basis. Checking in on your rental property and its current market value is an important step in the property investment game. So, how do I do that you ask? What steps do you need to take to asses the value […]


Over the years, I have been a property owner and tenant, often at the same time. Through this experience I have worked with some great property managers, and the not-so-great. I am pleased to recommend Liz Sargood as one of the exceptional. I would not be exaggerating when I describe her work as professional, personal, and responsive – someone that always acts with integrity, and has great attention to detail

Gary Journeaux

As property manager for many of my Sydney investors, Liz provides excellent service and outcomes. Liz is responsive, knows her work and goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist my clients with their investment properties. In providing such a reliable service, Liz allows me to relax and focus on my core business.

Ramon Cura

I have rented a property from Liz for 3 years now whilst I was getting to know Sydney, and I have never known an agent that acts with such professionalism, speed in addressing issues and expert advice. I only wish that my properties were in Sydney rather than London for her to manage them. I guess I just need to buy some more. Thanks Liz for making doing business easy. I would recommend you any time to my contacts.

Rebekah Dunsford